To become the national health institute for Buddhist monk with expertise in health care for Buddhist monk under the Buddhist’s doctrine of conduct.
1. To study, research, develop, and disseminate academic achievement, knowledge, and health care innovation for Buddhist monk.
2. To provide tertiary medical care service to Buddhist monk from across Thailand.
3. To develop the medical personnel who provides medical care for Buddhist monk under Buddhist’s doctrine.
4. Develop model hospital and ideal environment for disabled Buddhist monk in line with the Buddhist’s doctrine.
Organization Core Value
P - Professionalism
R - Respect
I - Integrity
E - Excellence
S - Safety
T – Trust
Organization Core Competency – “Buddhist monk health care service in line with Buddhist’s doctrine”
Organization Culture
Coming to work is also making merit
1. Buddhist monk can enjoy excellent health care that is also in line with Buddhist’s doctrine.
2. Any hospital and health center across country is able to provide health care for Buddhist’s monk that is in line with Buddhist’s doctrine.
3. Organization is driven by virtue, quality, and proficiency.
1. Develop conduct and knowledge for providing health care service for Buddhist monk that is in line with Buddhist’s doctrine.
2. Buddhist’s monk health data registration.
3. Develop Buddhist’s monk health care service network.
4. Temple base care
5. Develop high virtue and high proficiency organization.