Remark ! Patient who had not been attended to for more than 30 minutes should contact the staff of the department you are seeking.
Procedure of Conduct for Receiving Service
Internal medicine (except for cardiovascular diseases), psychiatry, bone surgery, urinary tract surgery, and general surgery procedure.
1. The patient monk who seek diagnosis is invited to contact the nurse at the screening center (number 24) to separate the type of patient and register the details onto the screening form.
2. The patient monk brings ID card and screening form and submit the file with counter number 2. For new registration or new card required, please contact counter number 1. For patient monk who attend by appointment and is making appointment on time, please submit the appointment card, ID card, and screening form at counter number 23.
3. Staff collet details from the counter.
4. Wait for the nurse to call out and answer to the inquiry by the nurse, taking blood pressure and weight measurement, and await further instruction.
5. For surgery department, please await by the emergency room, counter number 29.
6. Patient monk who had been subjected to blood collection, please be invited to take a meal in Kalyaniwatthana Building 1st Floor and receive the result at counter 17.
7. Take blood result to counter 23. If the doctor did not ask the patient monk to refrain from drinking/eating for blood collection purposes or for other treatment process, the patient monk may proceed to receive the morning meal during 07.00-09.00 hour or mid-day meal at 11.00-12.00 hour at Kalyaniwatthana Building 1st Floor.
8. Meet with the doctor for consultancy.
9. Await to collect appointment card and further suggestion at room number 14.
If the doctor asked the patient monk to be an inpatient, please contact the staff at room 14. For patient monk who are using wheelchair or hospital stretcher, once the name is called please raise your hand to notify the staff. Do not move from wheel chair or bed without assistance.
- Doctor is schedule for visit at 8.30 hour.
- For any inquiry, please contact the nurse at counter 23. For optimal treatment result, please carry all current medicine to show to your physician.
Radiology treatment
1. Submit examinationslip and outpatient registration card received from the common examination room at 90-years Princess Srinagarindra Building. Please also bring to the doctor the film from previous sessions.
2. For special radiology treatment, it is required that the patient monk was prepared specifically for each process. The patient monk should file the examination slip in advance to the department of radiology in such case and to receive the instruction on preparation process and to make an appointment on later date.
3. Patient monk who has already possessed examination slip of Radiology Department will submit the slip at the registration room of the Radiology Department and then wait for the instruction.
4. It is highly recommended to be on time and if the schedule need to be adjusted, the patient monk could contact Radiology Department directly for 24 hours via number 0-2354-4300, 0-2354-4310, 0-2640-9537-70 cont 5205, 5201, 5207.
5. After radiology examination, the patient monk may collect the result on the same day or later day as will be appointed.
6. If the patient monk wishes to use the film receive to receive treatment from other facility, the patient monk is required to contact Radiology Department first before taking any film.
Required document for receiving treatment at Priest Hospital – new patient conduct
1. Monks and novices of Thai nationality must prepare the following documents.
1.1. Monk’s handbook
1.2. Citizen ID card or other identification document issued by government authority such as house particular, health insurance card, and others.
1.3. If any patient had previously changed name-surname or other details which deviate from the evidence present, the patient must also bring a document certifying such registration.
2. Monks and novices of foreign nationality must prepare the following documents.
2.1. Passport or treatment request form approved by the respective embassy.
2.2. Treatment request approved by the Abbot of Thai temple.
2.3. Certificate issued by the name of College currently studying.
Phlebotomy process
1. Refrain from drinking and eating for 8-12 hours before the session.
2. Phlebotomy room is located on the room 18, 1st floor, 90-years Princess SrinagarindraBuidling.
3. Phlebotomy will be between 6.30-15.00 hour and the result will be reported from 8.30 hour onward.
4. The result of phlebotomy taken after 8.30 hour will take 40-90 minutes to report result, depending on the testing criteria.
5. Patient monk may collect the report at counter 1 room 17.
6. Patient monk or relative bring the result to the original examination room.
7. If the result could not be reported on the same day or the blood requires further testing at the hospital, the staff at phlebotomy room will make an appointment as ordered by the doctor. The patient monk may collect the result counter 1, room 17 on the appointed day from 7.30 hour onward.
Emergency room procedure
1. The emergency room is open to service patient monk every day for 24 hours.
2. The service included injection, wound dressing, minor surgery, splinting, splint removal, urgent health consultancy, and urgent disease consultancy.
3. For emergency van request to Priest Hospital
3.1. Bangkok area: Erawan Center call 1646.
3.2. Outside Bangkok area: Narenthorn EMS Center call1669.
4. The emergency room is located on the 1st floor of 90-years Princess Srinagarindra Building, call 02640-9537 cont. 5121.
5. Retainer of the patient monk can make a registration for the patient monk at 1st floor of 90-years Princess Srinagarindra Building, call 0-2640-9537-70 cont. 5101.
Receiving medicine procedure
1. Bring the prescription and patient ID card or monk’s handbook to the Pharmacy counter 1, at 1st floor of 90-years Princess Srinagarindra Building.
2. Please also show next appointment if any.
3. Await the call from pharmacist to receive the medicine and instruction at counter 3 and 4. The patient monk is required to identify their identity using patient ID card or monk’s handbook in receiving any medicine. for inquiry, please contact the pharmacist.
Food service at Priest Hospital for ordained monk and novices who receive treatment at the hospital.
1. Breakfast is available from 07.00-09.00 hour.
2. Mid-day meal is available from 11.00-12.00 hour.
Recommendation for inpatient monk and novices. The Priest Hospital usually prepare personal convenience amenities for patient monk such as toothbrush, soap, towel, and others.